Our Vision

MYEQ is the Advanced education center on leadership and emotional intelligence for the growing youth.
MYEQ develops the EQ Leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

MYEQ is the extension of Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization with a 20-year of experience in researching, designing, and deploying programs on symbolic language, predictive analysis, and EQ skills with the goal of unlocking higher potential in both children and adults.

More than 50 emotional intelligence devoted experts contribute worldwide to developing EQ programs, to give the SCT a genuinely international and multicultural dimension.

MYEQ is the collaborative partner of SCT Vietnam. Together, they help spread emotional intelligence education to families and organizations with unique and advanced programs such as The Plus Minus Code (The +|- Code) and DreamerOne.

Core Values

We apply our very unique teachings to become better people as we spread this knowledge to bring meaningful changes in society.

We establish a balanced, fair partnership regarding the rights and responsibilities of the SCT’s customers and partners.

We unite spirit and matter with unconditional love, respect and mutual support to develop qualities.


A team which devotes their lives to helping people develop their emotional intelligence with understanding and love.

International & Multicultural

More than 50 EXPERTS in the world

+25 years research & teaching

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