Duration 1-year class 1-year class 1-year class
Number of Episode 1 2 15
Length of study Up to 3 hours
(Online class)
Up to 6 hours
(Online class)
Up to 90 hours
(Online class + evaluation + seminar)
Topics of life 1 topics 2 topics More than 15 topics every year
Personal research revised by a professor and expert No No 15 Assignments with revision
Year Online Seminar
Knowledge of Symbolic Language
Knowledge of Dreams Signs Symbol Interpretation
Online recognition 1 year
Online Certificate 3 years complete
Session option
Start August 2022
Start January 2023
Individual Consultation with myEQ Facilitator
(optional extra fee)
Section of 30 minutes VND 300,000 VND 300,000 VND 300,000
Section of 60 minutes VND 600,000 VND 600,000 VND 600,000
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