MYEQ Coaching/Parenting

Did your family experience one of the following problems?

  • Family discord, divorce rate increases
  • Difficulty to make boundaries between family time and professional time
  • Not enough connectivity in reality, only through the virtual world
  • Children overuse and become addicted to electronic devices
  • Difficulties in accompanying children and children are alone in the online learning process
  • Increased depression, anxiety, fear, insecurities
  • Difficulty to communicate properly with family

If the answer is YES, are you looking for a solution?

Do you think that when the pandemic ends, all problems will be solved?

How can MYEQ coaching/parenting
help you and your children?

  • Create a safe environment to express yourself and discuss
  • Understand the root cause of difficulties encountered
  • Discover how to reorganize social connections after a long stay at home
  • Learning Time Management
  • Learn to use electronic devices in a positive and educational way
  • Provide psychological support to resolve external and internal conflicts
  • Rediscover your child’s natural ability to learn
  • Improve your child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ), ability to understand emotions and master them

5 steps to have successful
MYEQ Coaching/Parenting

Find suitable time
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Counsel with
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Continue to
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MYEQ Therapists

Therapists certified by the  Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation with more than 6 years in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practice

Connect and support solutions to emotional and mental problems with MYEQ Therapists
• Listening • Sharing • Q&A • Understanding

Consultation Fee

 1:1 ConsultationGroup Consultation (max 3 people)
New Promotion1,200,000 VND/hour1,900,000 VND/hour

Time and Place

Offline: MYEQ Center, 45 Street No. 1, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC

Or online via Zoom/Skype/Google meet,…

Time: Please click Register here and note your time, the support team will contact you to make the best appointment for you and the Therapist.


Children between the ages of 10 and 17 years old

We have Therapists who can speak 3 languages Vietnamese/English/French

This depends on the children’s wishes. Parents can join to hear your children share or give them the opportunity to get 1:1 support with the Therapist.

After the consultation session, depending on the wishes of the parents, the therapist will have appropriate discussions with the parents to help them understand your children better.

We offer a group consultation program for families with many children, or for a group of friends (maximum 3 people) whose children have studied together and have known each other for many years.

We will have a consultation with the children at the same time so that we can provide the appropriate support related to the problem that they are facing.

MYEQ encourages the group of friends to discuss together in advance 1-2 main topics to be consulted so that the Therapist can deeply understand and support the group about the main problem to be solved.

Parents can submit their wishes to the Therapist and both will find the most suitable time for the session.

Adults can completely register for MYEQ coaching/parenting to receive counseling on emotional and mental issues that need support similar to children.

Please contact the information below, we are willing to help you


Phone: 0768.268.272



Transfer information

Account number: 117002903818 at Vietinbank



  1. The transfer content clearly states: Full name. Phone number. C1. Personal/Group

Ex: Nguyen Van Anh. 0768268272. C1. Personal

  1. After successful registration and payment, refund requests will not be accepted.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us via communication channels, then we will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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